Read for the Love of Literature

Parents always find it amazing when their young child demands the same bedtime story over and over. Adults can enhance the enjoyment of the story by discussing the illustrations and soliciting a response. Asking a child questions encourages them to become active participants in the reading process.

Soon the child will repeat select key words and eventually read the story to the parent. Once he/she internalizes all aspects of the story, they are ready to move on to a new piece of literature.

By rereading the same story over and over the adult can integrate the basic theme across the curriculum to include dramatic play, reading, writing, science, math, cooking, and art.

Using the same story as a thread to connect the concepts that are learned makes it cohesive and meaningful to the child.

For example, in a story about an ocean the child will work on projects that are related to the theme. Such projects involve a sustained involvement that can last for several days or weeks. This is the basic concept for “Story Play” and the explanation for why and how it works.

Love of literature starts early in life!

Love of literature starts early in life!


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